Sunday, 13 July 2014

Jungle Love

It has been a while since my last post and in time you will see the whole picture but mostly it was because I was low on internet and electricity. I am now in a comfortable spot so I can tell you more of my story.

It is now July 2014 but again I want to go back in time to the point where I fell in love. My friend, Jui,  and I have always had a connection but it grew to a big slap-in-the-face love. I have never, ever been this sure and perhaps I haven't felt true love before but this is it guys. So we met last October, this was the setting of the last part of my story, and things grew pretty rapidly. We spent so much time together and he was the reason I came back to Thailand to try and work out how we can be together.

I was lucky enough to spend more time in the jungle living as a local, with Jui. The moped journey became the norm, so did the cold showers. I would eat what his father had caught in the jungle, there was lizard, snake and a variety of bugs. Some delicious, some not. We would cook together for the family digging up fresh ginger and turmeric and picking fresh chillies. There was so much fruit around too. We would eat lychees, mangos, chompoo, jack fruit and sour sop straight from the trees. The real treat was the honey. One day Jui found a bee hive. He found a perfect one that wouldn't harm the bees if we took the honey. I've never eaten honey so pure or fresh. With sour mangos it was divine.

The more time we spent together the more inseparable we became. It became clearer and clearer that we could not be apart so we decided, in April, that we wanted to get married. The happiest times I've ever had. We thought it would be fitting to get married in November this year, then we would have known each other a year and my parents were thinking about coming to see me around this time.

Nothing would keep us apart, or so we thought....

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